The chance to build a Town Green in Scotts Valley is a once in many generations opportunity. Healdsburg Plaza ca 2018. The plan to build a Town Green in Scotts Valley culminates a decade of public process and policy
Paso Robles Town Square ca 2013.

How you can learn more about our plan

Since last September, we have reached out to the Scotts Valley community by holding two public workshops to gather community input, and two presentations to share our concept plan. We have also held meetings with small groups and individuals that have requested more information.

As the team continues to refine the plans based on direction from the City Council, market realities, and input raised at our most recent February 7th presentations, we want to continue the dialog. If you would like to ask a question or share your thoughts, you can do that here.

We continue to be committed to realizing the Town Center approved by the City of Scotts Valley over a decade ago and ensuring our plan results in a place that is vibrant, exciting and uniquely Scotts Valley.

Community Workshop #3

Now Complete!

Over 100 local residents attended our third workshop presentations to help evaluate and discuss proposed plans as well as share thoughts on potential programming within the project.
You can view the materials shared with attendees here:

You might want to know…

The emerging proposal for the Town Green culminates over a decade of planning and policy that set the stage for our upcoming conversations. Read the original Town Center Specific Plan adopted in 2008.*

Our work is being built upon a community surveys conducted less than one year ago, in support of the Scotts Valley General Plan Update (GPU). Read the survey results that are informing our planning here.

*This document is an approved plan document that establishes what is permitted in the Town Center, NOT the development proposal.

The Town Green will be part of Scotts Valley’s future as it looks to continue stewarding its resources and strengthening our community through its General Plan update. Take a minute to review the General Plan’s progress here.

Scotts Valley is facing the same challenge many California Community’s are facing. How can we ensure our families continue to be a part of the community we love? Scotts Valley’s Housing Element – a state mandated and approved blueprint, defines our towns housing requirements and Policies for the next five years. Read the Housing Element here.

“Development of the Town Center into a mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly project is a high priority”

(Envision Scotts Valley! Community Outreach Report, Page 2)

Couldn’t make our Open House?

There are plenty of other opportunities to learn more and share your thoughts.


Come to this website often and take our surveys.



Belong to a civic group that would like to hear more? Just ask us to come and share our work and we’d be happy to schedule a discussion. (Please note civic presentations will not begin until late October)

Research and


As part of learning from others best practices, we will be researching what is working in other communities to create great places, while addressing the concerns we hear from you. In the coming months you will be able to suggest a topic for us to explore, or read our inspiration papers.

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