Jim is a real estate advisor and developer focused on the tools and techniques that lead to a more sustainable built environment. He advises government agencies, legacy landowners, and real estate companies on the trends and tools for building more authentic places.  He works around the globe from his home base in Healdsburg, CA, a small town of 11,000 regularly ranked as one of the top communities to live or visit.

A CLARB registered landscape architect and an active member of the Urban Land Institute (ULI), Jim has authored numerous publications, chaired Blue Ribbon panels and speaks regularly on sustainable design, resilience, and the value of small scale, incremental development.  He serves as the lead instructor for the Small Scale Developers Forum – a twice yearly program for public leaders and innovative developers to see first hand how fine grain, placed based development is being realized around the country. He also served as ULI’s lead instructor for Making Mixed Use Work a three day program that explored the form, economics and community benefits of mixed use in eight cities, over five years.  Lessons learned from these tours and the practical tools gained will be the focus of his forthcoming book – Building Small: A Handbook for Real Estate Entrepreneurs, Civic Leaders and Great Communities.

Trained as a landscape architect at the University of Idaho, Jim went on to receive a Masters in Real Estate Development from MIT as way to realize his passion for place based design by better understanding the complexities and challenges of real estate economics.